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Leap into new heights with new looks in the Jump King Workshoppe Update!

Watch the trailer!

A quick glance at the new content you can explore

Steam Workshop update features:

  • [Workshop] – 3 Main Categories: Levels, Skins and Mods!

  • [In-Game] – In-game menu access to workshop via the steam browser and built in mod-listing

  • [In-Game] – In-game menu updating up subscribed workshop content. (No need to close your game when downloading workshop content!)

  • [General] – New API and Built in mod-support (additional information further down the blogpost)

Worldsmith [Beta] Tool features:

  • [General] – Built in support for uploading modded content to the workshop!

  • [General] – Documentation [Work in Progress] for usage of Worldsmith and general mod -creation

  • [Level] – editing support features that makes the creation of levels easier than ever before!

  • [Level] – In-Game testing support, allows you to launch Jump King and test your level with the click of ONE button!

  • [Level] – In-Game update feature that loads changes in your level files as you are playtesting!

  • [Level/Skins] – Preview screens for Levels and Skins so you can see how your content looks before even starting the game!

Update Explained:

For the most scholarly of kings may feast
in the halls of knowledge.

Come king! Enter and learn.

API and Mod-Support:

Jump King has been meticulously rewritten with modding in mind, producing an easy-to-use API and mod loader that empower users to change how the game functions.

The main goal with any of these changes was to find a compromise between an accessible modding API and a flexible framework for people wanting to work on their ideas. Testability was a key area of focus throughout this work, and unit tests were heavily used to ensure consistency in behaviour between the original code and this ‘mod friendly’ result.

  • The player logic of the King has been abstracted and split out into core ‘behaviours’ that are executed in sequence – modders can create their own player behaviours to be registered and ran alongside the base game logic. More advanced mods can even remove or replace existing behaviours with alternative versions to have full control over how the king interacts with the world.

  • The in-game architecture for a level’s ‘blocks’ has also been refactored, allowing users to provide their own custom blocks for levels to use. The API for custom blocks offers a great deal of flexibility and integrates seamlessly with the in-game collision and level loading systems. Custom blocks have full control over how they are loaded, how they interact with the collision system, and how the player character acts when encountering them.

  • Custom entities are now supported natively through the modding framework, allowing mods to inject their own characters and objects into the world.

  • And finally, to support the increase in content now expected, care has been given to the game’s audio streaming systems, (and with help from our beta testers) the game should now be better than ever at handling its memory footprint.

A thorough suite of documentation and supplementary materials are in production to help you get started and we will have more to share on them soon!


Jump King Worldsmith [BETA]:

Worldsmith is an upcoming editor, manager and compiler for all user-generated-contents (UGCs) made for Jump King. The purpose of Worldsmith is to aid modders to create, modify and publish their items with less hassle.

Managing with your items has been simplified in order not only to help out new users to create their content, but also to speed up the process of packing and testing them. Worldsmith takes care of packing your files when you modify them, so you won’t have to deal with XNBs ever again. Testing as also been dramatically improved, levels can be tested directly without ever needing to reboot the game*.

Worldsmith also offers previewing your changes, whenever you are doing a skin or a level, you can see its preview right in the application in their own dedicated page.

The Worldsmith UI’s style has been mostly inspired from the game to feel more in-tone, but it also takes inspiration from the look-and-feel of your desktop, to create an unique but recognisable experience for everyone

*You’ll need to pause the game and click on “Update” in your game’s pause menu.


This concludes our update. We are going to follow the usage of our workshop and new tool closely. There might be some quick patches and whatnot, but hey… How cool isn’t it that people can make mod content to Jump King like never before?

Worldsmith is released as a BETA-tool and will have some updates down the line but you can absolutely begin using it now!

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  • JumpKingPlus is not compatible with the new build
  • Old mods may not be compatible with the new build yet
  • To play an Older Version of Jump King you can go to Library->Jump King->Properties-Betas and opt into the “jump_king_legacy” branch

Look forward to more EXCITING Workshop content and updates to Worldsmith in the future!

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