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Steam Workshop in the Works

Phoenixx19’s mission under Nexile has been to deliver unto you, the community. A Steam Workshop dedicated to Jump King, and we can now reveal this project to you!

Our plans for what will be on the workshop On Release:

  • A navigate-able library of workshop items
  • A tool that help you easily upload and tag items on the workshop. And convert already made JK+ to upload-able files
  • Extensive Documentation for how to operate the workshop and make custom content

Our plans for what will come to the workshop in a Future Update:

  • A tool that helps you build levels much easier with several quality of life features built in
  • Adding documentation for the level building tool

You clicked in on the new Jump King website and wondered. “What the heck, they made a new Jump King site???”

Yes, yes we did

Our plans for the website:

  • Future News about Jump King will be posted here
  • Future News about Jump King Quest will be posted on another page (Future Update)
  • Miscellaneous News will be posted on a new Nexile Homepage (Future Update)

More about that next time!

~Thomas of Tawny

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