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War of the Brushes #2

It has been a while since our first Fan Art Competition concluded. We are hyped to announce a second one starting now with a deadline for entries at July 16th.

Want to compete for an EPIC LIMITED Bogman Plush + a choice of merch from our store?

Rules: (They can also be found on our Discord)

  • Motive must be a Jump King Character and/or Environment
  • Entries must be your own original creation and made during the Competition
  • You may only submit 1 (one) entry (To the nexilegames Twitter or Discord DMs to @thomasoftawny)
  • You can not enter as a group

Note: Nexile Jury decides the winner and by entering the competition you agree that we may use your art to promote the competition and make social media posts around it

Art by TUK

Good luck to all future contestants!

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