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Jump King Online Pogress

Today Jump King is two years old! Hooray! (Catch the rare 50% limited time sale on Steam!) (Once in a Blue Moon type Event) (Starts 19:00 CEST)

Also today: We have now starved you on Jump King Online news for an entire year. Time to share something, maybe? Read until the end to find out juicy sweet info about your upcoming favourite game.

We also want to share a recap of the events of the past year! Let’s go!

…Here’s what happened:

On the image you see our first office in Uppsala. This is where we made our (insane) plans for Jump King Online. It’s also where we created the Ghost of the Babe expansion.

We started working on Jump King Online in 2019, with lofty goals and a huge list of features and systems in mind. But meanwhile a sticky situation arose due to the living situation of some team members… This situation, the overambition and some bad habits caused a lot of stress. (maybe not unexpected) During this time we also moved to a bigger office (thanks to Ghost of the Babe becoming a big success).

Somehow we also managed to create the technical foundations for the new game. (Thank Erik aka erkstock the code-lord) But stress was beginning to overflow by the end of 2020, we had to take a nice and long break during the winter!

Current Nexile HQ! ?

Thanks to the break we could recover and reflect on many lessons learned! We adjusted our previously megalomaniac plans to start with something that better fits our capabilities. With a refreshed mindset, some nice progress, and the major league pro headgear equipped – things are looking up!

TUK (TUK), Trapezius (Felix), Thomas of Tawny (Thomas), FlyingBlackStar, erkstock

Jump King Online is Coming

The new game is on the way! The technical foundation with the netcode is excellent and we have built a huge backlog of top notch ideas and plans for the content of the game. 

Regarding mechanics, without revealing too many details, we can say there will be more than just ghosts to play with… To say the least, you will be able to truly screw each other over! Over and over and over!

A peek at how the player model has evolved throughout the production so far… (WIP)

The truth is we were not even sure ourselves, that we were going to have a working game to release! But now, since the foundation is finally in place we will be able to start showing you more – as we get the visuals up to speed!

We hope to have a complete-looking game sooner rather than later. But as we have learned it’s quite impossible to judge how long these things take to make. Our best case prediction is before the end of 2021, but have patience!

Look forward to happy fun time with your friends! Heh, heh, heh…

/Team Nexile

*Psst!* We have a merch store in the works, and some absolutely drippy designs that we think you will love. Stay tuned for more about this in the near future!

8 thoughts on “Jump King Online Pogress”

  1. Isk The Pisk

    Ah yes, looking forward to the finished product. I will madly enjoy myself whilst messing with friends if what is hinted comes true. Good work as always!

  2. Kinda disappointed you guys moved away from the 2d pixel art aesthetic, it was one of my favorite things about the original. Repeated failure is made worthwhile when finally discovering a new area that is visually unique and beautifully decorated, and the artstyle also helped to distinguish the original from other games in the genre. That being said, considering how good the original and the subsequent expansions were, I have faith in you guys. I really hope you can achieve the same level world design with Jump King Online, looking forward to it.

  3. Jump Commoner

    I’m also disappointed that it’s not 2d pixel art. Not only because it was beautiful, but also because it contributed to good visibility.
    However, I believe that you will be able to build a fantastic and mysterious stage like New Babe + in 3d art.

    I hope you can make it so that we can easily see where the characters are standing. I hope you can make it so that we can easily see where the characters are standing, because delicate adjustment of character positions is very important.

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