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Jump King is getting an entire new world in upcoming New Babe+!

We are bringing New Babe+ to Jump King in June, together with our first-ever sale! Also: Jump King Original Soundtrack available now!

We are working on an expansive addition to Jump King, we call it “New Babe+” and it will release on June 7th. At the launch of New Babe+ we will also run the first sale of Jump King, at a 30% discount! While you wait for the expansion listen to the OST for Jump King – it just released!

After completing the challenge of the original game you should have had the practice needed to face the true ordeal of New Babe+… The expansion features an entirely new level both greater in length and skill-requirement than the original! In this definitive conclusion to Jump King you will get to prove yourself truly worthy of the title Jump King!

New Babe+ includes more elements of fantasy compared to the original – set in a secret world reached through a hidden path. You will encounter even more mystical characters and locations, in addition to more items to obtain and achievements to master. To top it off the new expansion will be complete with a new soundtrack, this time featuring more cinematic and melodic arrangements!

New Babe+ will release as a free expansion on June 7th along with our first sale for Jump King at 30% off!

  • With New Babe+ the total content of Jump King is more than doubled
  • The secret level can be accessed immediately at “New Game” – if you find the way
  • The launch of New Babe+ will be accompanied by a 30% sale

We also just made the soundtrack for Jump King available for purchase! While awaiting the update you can relive your memories of the original game through the OST – it is out now as DLC for Jump King on Steam for $4.99. Like the game itself, the soundtrack will be updated at no additional cost to feature the tracks from New Babe+ when the expansion comes out!

Get the soundtrack here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1080900/Jump_King__Soundtrack/

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