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OG Jump King artefacts!

Thanks to the community’s collected efforts gathering 50 gold coins in-game in under a week we can now dig out some artefacts of the past!

In this post we can share, for the first time ever – ancient concept art and sketches from the production of the original Jump King game. With some of this material dating all the way back to 2018. this art is sure to be a feast for your eyes!

Environment concept art

Ending cutscene storyboards

Concept art of the Legendary Babes!

Main Babe

And as a little bonus here is a little comic erkstock has made.

More community quests are on the horizon, join the Jump King discord for the latest updates today!!! discord.gg/QhnERYV

3 thoughts on “OG Jump King artefacts!”

  1. No idea if anyone said it yet but the Swedish in the concept art translates to

    Darken bog
    Bottom of the world
    You get stuck in the mud, it’s the most annoying area in the game.
    faces are seen in the mud
    The mood is very dark and anxietyridden

    Tower of antumbra

    The climax
    the Gargoyles residence
    Quicksand=more Stressful challange
    Solar eclipse, occult mystic and grotesce/gargoyles area uncomfterable(no idea what they mean with the second part)

    Moulding manor

    The second area
    Moulding old manor
    Haunted by lost souls.
    Somber, almost hopeful mood.

    the bloodstalk

    The third area
    an enourmos withered beanstem that when it once grew broke and passed a part of a castle that it carried up.
    Blood that has spilled from when it froze
    an unholy enviroment

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